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Hallmark Institute of Professionals (HIP) is a centre for transformation that is committed to transforming lives through Training, Research and Consultancy. The Institute was formed by likeminded Individuals (Current Directors) who identified a gap in areas that they could offer knowledge for the following purposes:

  • Mutual benefit of the potential trainees in developing their careers.
  • Continuous development for the current professionals for the benefit of the organizations as well as the economy at large.
  • Filling in the knowledge gaps and expertise in the job market for various areas of specializations


Hallmark Institute of Professionals (HIP) seeks to develop Managers, Professionals, and Researchers to be effective in their spheres of specialization through the integration of acquired skills by:

  • Offering Trainings in Academic Courses, Professional courses as well as Corporate Trainings in diverse areas.
  • Offering Consultancy in Pension, Finance as well as Business Compliance.


To be a Centre for Transformation by offering the best experience in Learning, Research and Consultancy


To transform individuals, organizations, and the society at large through quality trainings, research-based consultancy as well as Publications in Pension, Law, Financial Management, Taxation & Management Spheres. 


Transformation: To transform Individuals through training as well as Organizations through research based consultancy and training.

Quality: To offer quality, cutting edge training and consultancy services that will help to equip clients to be excel in their spheres of work.

Collaborative Partnerships: To partner with likeminded institutions to enhance growth of the institute for the mutual benefit of the clients, partners and by extension the public

Professionalism: To maintain highest level of ethics, best skills, competence and attitudes as well as courtesy in our practice

Excellence: To promote outstanding individual and institutional performance through maximization of resources for effectiveness and efficiency

Integrity: To the Institute will practice honesty and consistency without compromising the virtue of good governance in its conduct.

Customer focus: Continuous improvement to enable us meet our internal and external customers’ needs theory continuous development programs.

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